Kumquat and its essential oil

Kumquat fruit is sour, slightly sweet, aroma, warmth, cough reduction effect, used as cough medicine.

General introduction

Kumquat’s scientific name is Citrus japonica Thumb

Small tree, not gai, 1-2m high, foliage is usually round beautiful. Leaves are Oval shape or tip, 4-8 cm long, 2-4cm wide, narrow at the base, pointed sometimes slightly concave, the original edges, smooth sides, veins prominently on the bottom, stem leaves about 1 cm long, no wings.

Flowers are white, fragrant, sprouting in the leaves, long with 5 triangular teeth, small feathers at the edges, 5 oval wings, shorter than the petals, attached at the base.

round fruit, not flattened at the two ends, when ripe red yellow, thin shell, very sour.

Flowering season in November and December, fruit season in January and February.

Kumquat originated in China and Japan, have been planted for a long time to make the scene and take the fruit. In Vietnam, it is grown mainly in the suburbs of Hanoi and neighboring provinces, which have been introduced in the south.

Kumquat is a branched, moist and light-loving species, growing and flourishing in the spring-summer, with annual flowers.

Chemical composition

Fruit contains more than 10% pectin (more in fruit shells), vitamin C 0.13-0.14%, Fe 5.1 mg / kg, Cu 0.8 mg / kg. Juice contain sugars, organic acids.

Shell fruit oil contains 25 components, including 2.8% α- pinene, 2.7% β-pinene, 88.4% limonene, 0.3% (E) -β- ocimene, trans- 0.2% linalool oxide, 1.5% linalool, 0.3% trans-pentadiene-2-ol-1-ol, 0.2% limonene oxide isomer, 0.4% carvone.


According to Western medicine, Kumquat essential oil is antibacterial. It effects on both Gram-negative bacteria (E. coli and S. typhimurium) and Gram-positive (S. aureus and B. cereus). According to oriental medicine, Kumquat essential oil stimulates respiration, loosen phlegm,

Remedy cough with kumquat:

10g ripe fruits, 10g white roses, 10g lemon seeds. Wash them in a bowl with some sugar or honey, and steam them for 15-20 minutes. Crushed, let cool, given to children 3 times a day during 3-4 days.

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