GIBERTUX HERBAL LOZENGE: Warm – up the body, stimulate digestion, reduce vomitting

“At early morning , eating ginger is better for health than ginseng”  is the advice of Eastern  medicine healers. It shows ginger has the precious effect for health.

According to Eastern medicine, ginger is spicy,warm , it affects lung, stomach and spleen. Ginger is used to stomach ache due to cold, exhausted, vomiting, flu , cold, it’s also used by sweating medication ,sore throats and cough relief,vv… In addition , ginger has the effect of stimulating digestion, or used in case of indigestion,…

Western medicine also has many studies about the pharmacological effects of ginger. The highlight of ginger's effect on the digestive system is increasing gastric motility, together with alleviating contractions. This helps stimulating digestion in case of indigestion and effectively reduce nausea and vomiting. American Public Health Association recognized ginger’s effect in preventing morning sickness and controlling vomiting after surgery.The gingerol and shogaol compounds in ginger have the effect of increasing oxygen consumption, increasing lactate synthesis, which produces heat to warm up the body.

Licorice and Jujube are also two herbs used in medicine to support the digestive system.

- Licorice: sweet taste , neutral. It is good for the stomach and spleen.  It is widely used as a detoxifying drug , heat-relieving, reconcile the drug.

- Jujube: sweet taste, warm,it affects stomach and spleen.It is good for the stomach, respiratory tract , reduceindigestion , vomiting , reconcile the drug.

GIBERTUX LOZENGE with the combination of ginger, licorice and jujube  effects in warming up the body, stimulating digestion, reducing vomiting.

- Help to warm-up the body, relieve cold symptoms,  stomach ache due to cold, dysmenorrheal in women.

- Help to warm-up stomach  and spleen, stimulate digestion, reduce abdominal distension, flatulence, indigestion.

- Reduce vomiting due to pregnancy,  motion  sickness, vestibular disorder.


- People with colds, stomach ache due to cold, or people in cold weather.

- People with indigestion, abdominal distension, gastrointestinal disorder.

- Women with dysmenorrhea, nausea due to morning sickness.

- People with nausea due to motion  sickness, vestibular disorder.

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